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Taking Care of Plants


Providing You High Quality Home Care Solutions

Our treatment plans are specifically structured to cater for unique individual needs.

We make the experience as simple as possible in a warm setting where residents are treated with utmost compassion and respect. Our highly trained staff assure the same level of care we expect to have for our own family members. We collaborate with others service providers to create a balanced environment for residents to regain optimal mental health. 

Program Goals
  • To provide a safe and clean-living environment and convenient access to treatment services.

  • Promote healthy eating by providing balanced nutritious diet. Making healthy diet choices can reduce risk of developing certain health problems and live longer.  

  • To guide participants towards independence and personal responsibility.      

  • To help participants develop interpersonal skills necessary for community re-integration as responsible individuals.

  • To teach participants various social skills, including personal hygiene, financial management, and assertive communication . Assertiveness helps with controling stress and anger and improve coping skills 

  •  Assistance in self-administration of medication .

  • Our ultimate goal is successful community re-integration.

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